Changing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Updating kitchen cabinets is a great way to modernize and increase the value of your home. However, replacing cabinets will cost you a great deal of money. Another way to change the looks of your cabinets is updating the cabinet hardware. Anyone is capable of replacing cabinet hardware themselves, and this small change will make a big difference in the looks of your kitchen.

Step by step instructions for changing cabinet hardware:

1.Remove old hardware, if applicable, and select new kitchen hardware:
Cabinet hardware is available at a variety of stores. It should be easy to find some that you favor.

2.Select a drill bit: Once you have selected new hardware, you need to correctly match a drill bit to them. To accomplish this, insert different bits into the hole on the cabinet hardware until you find one that fits tightly.

3.Mark your hole: This step is only applicable if you are adding hardware to cabinets that do not currently have them. To correctly install hardware for the first time, choose a location where you want the hardware installed, and mark that spot correctly on each cabinet.

4.Drill the hole: Place a piece of painter’s tape on the location in which you wish to drill. This prevents damage to the cabinet. Using the aforementioned drill bit, carefully make a hole in each of your cabinets. Be prepared for higher quality woods to require more effort when drilling through them. Do not worry if you are off slightly on your hole placement. If you are close, it is possible to wiggle the bit around, and the end result will look fine.

5.Install hardware: The final step is to install your new cabinet hardware into the drilled holes you have created. Now step back, and admire your accomplishment. Keep in mind, you have just increased the value of your home by completing this project.

Everyone desires a beautiful updated kitchen. However, renovating a kitchen is costly and often requires the expertise of a professional. Thankfully, any homeowner is capable of installing new cabinet hardware. Doing so will change the looks of the room dramatically, and it is an easy and inexpensive project. For affordable hardware visit